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Army of the Month: Louis Augustus

Hello everyone, it is that time of the month again, for our Army of the Month. I first saw this army on the Kings of War Fanatics, and immediately knew …

KoW in 10mm 2: The Two-torial.

KoW in 10mm: Teensy Kings of War

Kings of Hobby: Jake Ciarapica

January Kings of Hobby – Ben Stoddard


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Just the Tips

Greetings everyone, welcome to the first installment of my random musing on Kings of War. The focus will be on tactics and tips, narrowing in on a very specific topics. …

The Importance of Terrain

Joey’s Five Favorite CoK19 Formations


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Introductions – Caed

Nasser was apprehensive. Barim had led him and Jodan past the armory and hadn’t stopped. He had led them through row after row of the infantry tents.


Recruiting Day


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US Master’s Matchups Part 3/3 and Predictions

The third part of the US Masters Matchup cast happened a few days ago, I apologize for the delay for this article; however, it is now time for the final …

US Master’s Matchups Part 2/3

US Master’s Matchups Part 1/3


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Not Yo Mamma’s Basement: Going on Campaign Part 1

One of the biggest requests that I hear asked, about Garage Gaming, is how to run a campaign. Well saddle up your pack horse, get your paymaster on board, and …

Epic Challenges: Jake vs Devlin at Siege of Augusta

Alamo GT Top Finishes